At Red Wolves, we began our journey with the dream of becoming an independent firm, by doing quality projects that may be recognized worldwide. We have added talents that share our same values, who joined our teams with the same enthusiasm and energy that we have had since our first project.

Our Vision

Create world-renowned video games, while collaborating on the social development of our country.

Our Mission

We develop high-quality video games, digital services and initiatives with passion and for millions of people around the world.

Our Values

Our team comes first, we value people, we are honest, we respect others, we trust and this gives us freedom, we persevere and learn every day.

Meet our Core Team

Juan Martín Bartomioli


+20 years producing original IPs and providing high-quality services in the audiovisual and video game industry, focused on developing and consolidating passionate high-level development teams. He has worked for companies in the sector such as Ubisoft, Tactile Games and Tilting Point, among others.

Agustín Magnago


Veteran video game developer with +20 years of experience in the field, he has worked for companies such as Ubisoft, Gameloft and Minor Studios. He created his first game at the age of 7 on a Commodore 128.

David Macedo


Experienced artist and art director with more than 15 years in the video game industry, of which he has been part from its early days. He has worked for pioneering companies such as Minor Studios and Joju games, among others.

Aníbal Hormeche


+20 years of experience developing video games and software for various platforms, he has led innovative projects in companies such as QB9, CMD and Minor Studios, and was also CTO of the lnmoove startup.

Federico de Tezanos Pinto


Outstanding creative in gaming, with broad experience at companies such as Pixowl, QB9 and Cartoon Network.